>> Friday, April 24, 2009

Holy Miracles.
It's pretty amazing - God's timing. I'm a pretty impatient person by nature. As Capt. Sig Hansen says, "I want a crab count and I want it NOW!!" I feel that way about most things - I want job security and I want it NOW...I want my students to not act like freaks, and I want them to not act like freaks NOW...I want to meet a guy who respects me and I want to meet him NOW...I want to win the lottery and I want it NOW...
But there is something to be said for patience...and God's timing. And in the past month, God has made Himself and His perfect timing oh so evident in the lives of my love ones, and thereby me....
First, Nathaniel Royce Sherbine...the baby no one thought would ever be. And yet, here he is. All 5 lbs. 15 ozs. of him, born on April 6th, joining his foster brothers, Dominic (4) and Aidan (3), and I imagine, the quietest little guy in the house.

I mean, don't you want to kiss those little lips? And don't you wonder what sort of ideas are spinning behind those beautiful eyes? It's amazing...God's timing...And here's the other one. I don't have a picture because if I try to load it, it'll throw off the whole shebang. But the story...ah, the story. My friend, Jenn, called me into her classroom to ask for my mom's contact information a little over a year ago. She wanted to bounce some ideas off of her about adoption. And after many prayers and lots of waiting... He's here - and he belongs to them for the moment...Whilden Lane Wood. All 6 lbs. 10 oz. of him (3 lbs. smaller than his big sister was) - adopted into a family that wanted him more than anything - and who was willing to wait for him. Things sort of just happened. There was a stir on Monday, action on Tuesday and Wednesday, concern on Thursday, and holy smokes, by Friday, the Wood Family of Three became the Wood Family of Four. And it took a while. But the timing was right. The timing was perfect. And I am reassured that His timing is perfect - I am reminded that He has the blueprints and knows what the final product will look like - and that as hard as it is, trusting Him means waiting for His grace and His blessing and His plan. All in His time....


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